The accused of Magnitsky’s death are informed of preliminary investigation ending

General Investigative Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee has decided to separate criminal case against former employees of punitive system Dmitry Kratov and Larisa Litvinova from the general case on Sergey Magnitsky’s death. This decision is based on the necessity to end the investigation and forward the case to court.

Criminal investigation against D. Kratov and L. Litvinova was launched on July 18, 2011, due to the direct cause-effect relation determined between their actions and Magnitsky’s death in Moscow pre-trial prison in 2009.

D. Kratov, medical deputy head at the Moscow pre-trial prison FBU IZ-77/2 UFSIN in 2009 has been charged with crime under part 2, article 293 of the Russian Criminal Code, that is, neglect of duty, that is, the non-discharge by a functionary of his duties due to a dishonest and careless attitude to civil service involving the death of a person. L. Litvinova who in 2009 was a doctor at the same pre-trial prison has been charged with crime stipulated by part 2, article 109 of the RCC, that is, inflection of death by negligence owing to the improper discharge by a person of his professional duties.

Due to the ending of the major investigative actions against the accused are completed, the investigation is starting to familiarize all parts of the process to the case materials (the injured, the accused and their legal representatives). After meeting conditions of articles 216, 217 of the Russian Criminal Procedure Code and approval of indictment the case will be forwarded to court.

The investigation into the major case is not completed and in case there are determined other persons involved in Magnitsky’s death they also will be prosecuted.