In Saint-Petersburg Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin participated in international forum on legal support of forest protection

Today, in Saint-Petersburg the North-Western branch of the Russian legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation opened international forum on the legal support of forest protection. The forum is attended by the participants of the US Justice Ministry, the US Embassy in the Russian Federation, representatives of the Finnish state authorities, employees of the Russian Investigative Committee, representatives of law-enforcement agencies, professors and teachers of the Academy.

The welcome speeches were delivered by the Director of the Russian Legal Academy of Justice of the Russian Federation Olga Aleksandrova, Consul General of the USA in Saint-Petersburg Bruce Turner and Chairman of the Russian IC Alexander Bastrykin.

In his speech Mr Bastrykin said a few words in favor of special courts to be created specializing in the cases of not only illicit cutting down and destruction of forests but the offence of underage in the area of ecological safety and others as well.

The international forum continues its work.