Two new criminal cases initiated in investigation of Bulgaria wreck

The Central Investigative Department of the Russian Investigative Committee continues to investigate the case of the cruise ship Bulgaria sinking on 10 July 2011.

Large amount of investigative actions resulted in enough grounds to initiate two more criminal cases against the ship’s sub-lender – Director of ArgoRechTur Ltd Co Svetlana Inyakina and a senior expert of Kama branch of Russian river register Yakov Ivashov. Inyakina is suspected of a crime under part 2 of article 143 of the Russian Criminal Code (violation of safety rules or any other labour protection rules, committed by a person who has the duty of observing these rules, if this entailed by negligence the death of a person) and Ivashov – abuse of official powers (part 3 of article 285).

According to investigators, Inyakina, as a head of the sub-lender company, i.e. a person obliged by her position to observe safety and operating rules of the passenger diesel-electric ship Bulgaria, as well as passengers and crew members’ life safety and health safety requirements, safety rules and other labour protection rules, operated the vessel with technical failures, admitted the staff who had not taken any course on safe methods and ways of operation or first aid, did not arrange labour protection brief, training of the working place and check of labour protection knowledge, by which violated the said rules and requirements.

In his turn, Ivashov, in June 2011, acting intentionally to mercenary and other personal ends, abusing his official powers, put in the official documents of the River Register incorrect and knowingly false information on technical condition and conformity of diesel-electric ship Bulgaria with the requirements of the Register, and gave the documents to the sub-lender Inyakina. By this Inyakina had an opportunity to use the said documents and operate the unfit Bulgaria for inner navigation in 2011.

We remind, that earlier Svetlana Inyakina and Yakov Ivashov were charged with the crime under part 3 of article 238 of the RF Criminal Code (rendering of services which do not meet safety standards which have entailed by negligence the death of two or more persons).

Actions by Inyakina and Ivashov together with the actions by other persons caused Bulgaria sink on 10 July 2011 in Kamsko-Ustyinsky district of the Tatarstan Republic in Kuybyshev pool entailing death of 122 passengers and crew members and harm to health of 79 persons.

New cases against Inyakina and Ivashov are combined into one investigation into wreck of the Bulgaria diesel-electric ship. The investigation is to be continued.