Russian SK holds grand meeting dedicated to Victory Day and open history of preliminary investigation hall

Today Alexander Bastrykin has chaired a grand meeting in the Investigative Committee dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The event was attended by veterans of investigation, leadership and employees of the RF SK.

Congratulating the veterans, Mr Bastrykin said: “On the eve of the Great Victory Day we are paying tribute to the deed of our heroes, who immortalized their names by showing great love to their Fatherland and dedication to their work”. The head of the Investigative Committee also thanked families of those employees of the Committee who died, for raising real professionals, people of high moral standards, courage and bravery.

After that Mr Bastrykin together with the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, USSR General Prosecutor Alexander Sukharev and Gadzhiakhmed Kaziakhmedov, father of the lost investigator Sayfutding Kaziakhmetov, solemnly opened the History of Preliminary Investigation Hall. This is the first museum of the kind, based on advanced information technologies, it doesn’t have analogues in any other ministry or agency. The museum contains the richest collection of materials on the history of development of investigative service of our country starting from the times of Peter the Great and until now. The history shows that it repeats itself. In 1713, the first investigative bodies of Russia were established, they were “major” investigative offices, in immediate service of the head of state, and absolutely independent of any other supreme government authorities.

And nowadays the Investigative Committee of Russia has returned under immediate subordination of the Russian President and proved the efficiency of such organizational form of preliminary investigation. Using multimedia technologies museum visitors are able to go far back in the history and in mere minutes follow this difficult way, see the way the investigators have worked during more than 300 years since the beginning of the institution. Here you can see the details of investigation of criminal cases gone down in history of Russia, and the exhibits show ancient objects, real models of uniform decorations from different ages, literature and tools used by several generations of investigators to solve the crimes.

Thereby, the museum’s opening will make for the creation of sound base for raising new generations of investigators on historical examples and best traditions of the investigative job.