In Novosibirsk region 4 members of “black realtors” convicted of murders and fraud

The court has found the evidence collected by investigative bodies of the Novosibirsk region Investigative Committee sufficient to sentence gang members Oleg Shchekin, Sergey Mayorov, Vasili Belov, Yuri Bondarenko, Konstantin Chasovshchikov and Alexey Frizin. Depending on the part if each on, they are found guilty of crimes under articles 209 (banditry), 105 (murder), 159 (swindling), 162 (robbery with violence), 226 (stealing of arms).

Investigation and court have established that in 2001-2007 Shchekin, engaged in real estate, organized and took charge of the gang consisting of the said persons, in order to take possession of citizens’ houses and flats. Their scheme was as follows: They found people owing living quarters, leading anti-social lifestyle and having utility debts. Shchekin offered them to purchase cheaper quarters and additional payment thus getting hold of the documents for the living quarters. After the gang had got the documents, they killed the owner using different techniques, including disguising as natural death of overdose or alcoholic poisoning.

The convicts killed 10 people. They got the documents for the living quarters reissued and sold them. They sold 6 flats and got about 5 million rubles, which they divided between the gang members. In April 2007, their crimes were stopped.

Cases against Shchekin and Mayorov, who had made a deal with the investigation, the court considered apart. Earlier Shchekin and Mayorov had been sentenced to 17 and 20 years of high security penitentiary respectively.

Today the court has sentenced Chasovshchikov to 20 years, Bondarenko – 18 years, Belov – 25 years, Frizin – 2 years of minimum security penitentiary.