Investigation of criminal case over Dagestan terrorist attack claiming 13 lives

The Dagestan investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation are actively inquiring into the blasts to establish perpetrators and organizers of the terrorist attack carried out on 3 may 2012 in Makhachkala traffic police field post Alyaska-30.

DNA tests of the remains withdrawn from the accident scene are set to establish the perpetrators (suicide bombers). Investigators conducted 36 searches at supposed criminals and relatives of persons suspected of being part to armed gangs. Witnesses of the crime were found and questioned to generate a photofit of a person who had committed an attack. The owner of the Mitsubishi car used for the first blast was found and questioned as a witness. Surveillance cameras from the nearby buildings were removed and examined. The information is being verified about members of “Makhachkalinsky bandpodpolye” (Makhachkala underground gang) being accomplices to the crime. The investigation is to be continue.