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Statement by investigative Committee on investigation of criminal case against Yekaterinburg’s vise-mayor Viktor Konteev

Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Urals Federal District continues to investigate the case of Viktor Konteev accused of organizing the murders of two businessmen.

At present due to Konteev’s arrest mass media are offering numerous arguments about unreasonable detention of the official and contract criminal case. Some public figures, officials and journalists make reference to Konteev’s organizational talent which allegedly is so needed in Yekaterinburg, and offer to release him. In addition, they have repeatedly suggested a big role in the case of former and current leadership of Sverdlovsk region Main Office of the  Interior Ministry. 

Therefore, it is necessary to explain that firstly, the case was opened on the grounds of businessmen's bodies found in the Kurgan region. When Konteev’s and his accomplices’ complicity in this crime was established, the case was forwarded to be investigated in district investigative department of the Investigative Committee. It is due to large amount of necessary investigative actions to be carried out on the territory of two administrative subjects and to ensure independence of investigation from local officials. I remind that Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Urals Federal District is part of the central office of the Investigative Committee.

Secondly, the Sverdlovsk region Main Office of the Interior Ministry has never had and doesn’t have anything to do with the investigation of this case. Operational support is provided to employees of regional FSB and Urals Federal District Department of the Interior Ministry.

And I would also like to notice a particular pattern. Hardly is a high-ranking official arraigned, their defense immediately suggests a contract politically grounded criminal case, trying to present their client as a democratic person who suddenly turns out of favor with authorities. With this, a powerful finance and administrative resource is being involved which is very easily traced through media publications. And Konteev’s defense didn’t try to re-invent the wheel in this case as well. In numerous publications by Internet-media we can clearly see the desire of contractors to make the accused out to be a kind of pious martyr suffering from actions of authorities, who want to get rid of him at all costs. As for the interest in the case showed by some staff members of the regional Main Office of the Interior Ministry, who do not have any official concerns in the case, this suggests a close connection between the accused and some staff members of this agency. The investigation is going to establish a role of a relationship between Konteev and former and current employees of the Sverdlovsk region Main Office of the Interior Ministry and give it a legal treatment.

In conclusion, I would like one more time to attract attention of the defense, who try to press the investigation in such a manner. Position of the Investigative Committee has always been and will always be principled: no positions, merits and titles are the remedy against criminal liability of a person who committed a crime, all the more when a case is a murder with aggravating circumstances. Such pressure attempts only confirm versions of investigation and make the investigators to stick to their own opinion.

Head of Department                                                                                                          V.I. Markin

11 May 2012 12:08

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