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Investigative Committee Chairman met with initiative group of Afghanistan and Chechen veterans to support OMON officers

Today the Investigative Committee Chairman has met with initiative group of Afghanistan and Chechen veterans to support OMON officers. Members held a rally near the building of the Committee. The participants demanded support measures for OMON officers who had protected public order during the campaign “Marsh millionov” (March of millions) on 6 May on Bolotnaya Ploshchad and objective investigation of criminal cases. During the meeting Alexander Bastrykin noted that after 6 May there had been initiated a criminal case over riots and violence against policemen. The case is being investigated by experienced investigators, criminologists and specialists who had investigated similar cases before, namely cases of riots on Manezhnaya Ploshchad. In investigation of Bolotnaya Ploshchad events a large amount of investigative actions has been carried out, all possible measures are being taken to identify and detain as soon as possible active participants and organizers of unlawful acts during the campaign “Marsh millionov”. The public will be promptly informed about the results of the investigation.

Supporting the statements by rally participants, the chairman assured that the Investigative Committee was interested in objective investigation of cases over 6 May events in the first place. He also assured that they were doing everything possible for that – there has been created operational center headed by the First Deputy Chairman of SK Vasily Piskarev and no one of active participants or organizers would go unpunished.

Explaining the position of the investigation concerning the initiation of a criminal case over violence used by an OMON officer against a participant of the campaign, Alexander Bastrykin said that only by criminal investigation it was possible to carry out a comprehensive complex of investigation and search operations to establish all circumstances of the incident. The fact of initiating a criminal case does not necessarily supposes that somebody has to be prosecuted. Investigation will carefully study not only the fact of unlawful acts recorded on a video, but all events before that and numerous witness testimonies will be analyzed as well. Only after this the investigation will be able to conclude and give objective legal assessment to actions of all side of the conflict.

14 May 2012 16:23

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