Investigative Committee chairman met with USA Attorney General

The Investigative Committee has held a working meeting between the Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and the US Attorney General Eric Holder. They discussed inter-agency co-operation prospects to fight international crimes, as well as specific criminal cases.

Namely, the American side received information on murders of Paul Khlebnikov, Anna Politkovskaya and death of Sergey Magnitsky.

They also noted the problem of violence used in American families against children adopted in Russia.

The case initiated by the Investigative Committee against a married couple accused of the death of Ivan Skorobogatov was mentioned. The jury trial in USA acquitted the Cravers.

Close interaction with the FBI representatives in investigating complicated transboundary crimes was noted on the part of the Investigative Committee. Thus, only due to joint efforts of law enforcement bodies of Russia and USA it was possible to expose and punish pedophiles Andrey Mogilyansky and Kenneth Shcneider, American citizens, who had committed a number of sexual crimes against minors in the Russian Federation. In accordance with the agreement reached by the two sides, the subject of children’s protection is to be one of the main in relationships of the Russian SK and American Ministry of Justice.

Apart from that, the Russian side made a request about prompt consideration by the US special bodies of a draft agreement on co-operation between the Russian Investigative Committee and the US FBI.

At the end of the meeting, the heads of the two agencies came to a conclusion that it was necessary to consolidate and develop bilateral interaction on the question of mutual interest.

15 May 2012 15:54

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