In Transbaikal territory local deputy arrested on especially large-scale swindling

The investigative bodies of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Transbaikal territory continue investigating the criminal case against the deputy of Legislature Assembly of the Transbaikal territory Konstantine Namestnikov accused of a crime under part 4 of article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (swindling on especially large scale).

According to a version by the investigators, in 2009, Namestnikov, being a member to agricultural policy committee of the Legislature Assembly of the Transbaikal territory, stole over 43 million rubles from the federal budget funds allocated for development of farming in the territory.

Being the founder of two companies, manufacturing agricultural products, the accused stole money using provisions of the federal target program “Development of beef cattle-breeding in Russia in 2009-2012” providing a 30% compensation for construction of feedlots. In line with the procedure for subsidies provision Namestnikov, in late 2009, submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the territory application for construction of 6 feedlots for a total of 1800 head of cattle in Priurgansky district and received 40 million 700 thousand rubles as repayment of a third part of costs for their construction. Later the accused submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture fake documents on accomplishment of a large part of feedlot construction works though they had not even been started.

In addition, according to a version by the investigators, in 2009 Konstantin Namestnikov stole more than 3 million rubles from the budget by illegally obtaining a loan compensation for the farmers. Knowing that the state program on farming development, approved by the RF Government, provides for the compensation of loan interests for farmers, Namestnikov in 2009, concluded two fake agreements for delivery of diesel and spare parts for agricultural equipment, worth 10 million rubles each. Then he took a 20 million rubles loan. Later he submitted fake documents to the Transbaikal Ministry of Agriculture to get subsidies and illegally obtained more than 3 million rubles to repay loan interests. The money he used at his own discretion.

Under the motion by the investigators Konstantin Namestnikov was put into custody. The court took into account the reasons of the investigators that the accused being free can try to force witnesses to give false testimonies. In addition, the investigators have information that Namestnikov was going to flee the country.

At the moment investigation and search operations are being carried out to establish all circumstances of the crime and to collect all necessary evidence. The investigation is to be continued.

16 May 2012 09:30

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