Criminal case initiated in Moscow over numerous murders and abductions of flat owners

The investigative bodies of the Russian Investigative Committee for Moscow city have opened a criminal case over a crime under parts 1, 2 of article 210 of the Russian Criminal Code (organization of a criminal community) based on facts of numerous murders and abductions.

Having analyzed the criminal cases opened in 2008 over swindling and murders, the investigators concluded that these crimes had been committed by members of the same criminal organization. According to the data of the investigation, in April 2007, in Moscow four Azerbaijanis set up a criminal community and involved there more than 6 people. The group was set to take possession in fraudulent way of the flats owned by lonely persons or heavily drinking persons for their future sale and appropriation of the money. To get the flats the criminals murdered and abducted the owners.

The roles were clearly distributed among the members of the criminal community. Some members looked for people leading antisocial or lonely life, others – took possession and sold their flats, the third ones – took the victims to distant areas from Moscow, the fourth ones – organized and performed murders. Thus the criminal community murdered 6 Moscow citizens, took possession in fraudulent way of 7 flats of Zelenograd citizens in Moscow and attempt to get possession of 2 more flats of Zelenograd citizens.

At present investigative actions are being carried out to establish all circumstances of the crimes and consolidation of evidence. The investigation is to be continued.

17 May 2012 16:20

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