Investigative actions into case against Maksim Kagansky and investigator Nelly Dmitrieva finished in Moscow

The Central Investigative Department of the Russian Investigative Committee for Moscow city has finished investigative actions into a criminal case against former Interior Ministry official Maksim Kagansky, special investigator of the Moscow Interior Ministry Department Nelly Dmitrieva and their three accomplices. They are charged with attempted swindling on especially large scale (part 4 of article 159 RCC).

In 2011, Kagansky enter in negotiations with a businessman, who could be possible involved in a criminal case over smuggling, investigated by Dmitrieva. The commercial partner of the businessman at that time was the accused in the case. Kagansky promised to assist to release the commercial partner and not to prosecute the businessman. For this he demanded 3 million US dollars. In fact, the case was already being investigated by the Interior Ministry Investigative Department and the special investigator Dmitrieva had no influence in the case. Kagansky and Dmitrieva involved in their criminal scheme three accomplices, who were to be intermediaries during money transfer operation. By this time, all their actions were closely followed by FSB and Interior Ministry field officers. They were detained as they were receiving part of the money.

For the period of investigation all the accused are put into custody. In the near future, the accused and their legal advisors are going to familiarize themselves with the files of the case.