Investigative Committee continues to investigate criminal case over attempted terrorist attack on Red Square in Moscow

The court has recognized the evidence collected by the Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee as sufficient to convict Timur Akubekov. He is found guilty of crimes under part 2 of article 209 (banditry), part 3 of article 30, paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 205 (attempted terrorist attack), part 3 of article 222 (illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation, or bearing of firearms, its basic parts, ammunition, explosives, and explosive devices committed by an organized group).

The investigation into criminal cases against other accomplices of the crime is underway. The accused include: Ilyas Saidov, Shamil Baymambetov and Khayrulla Magomedov. According to investigators, Saidov controlled the transportation of explosives which were to have been set off by Suyunova and Daudova. But he didn’t touch the explosives either when it had been loaded in Makhachkala or unloaded. During the transportation he was in the bus and watched if the two explosive devices disguised as gas-fired boilers attract attention of law enforcement officers.

Sahmil Baymambetov, according to the investigation, recruited women in Dagestan, and Khayrulla Magomedov purchased cellphones to ensure communication among the gang members.

Saidov is also charged with murders of the head of Dagestan Interior Ministry counter extremism center based in Izberbash, his deputy and three civilians. What is more he is also charged with 5 crimes connected with setting and activation of explosive devices on railways under cargo trains.

During the investigation Saidov made a pre-trial deal with the investigation and his materials are gathered into a separate case.

In near future investigation operations over these cases will be completed and the accused will start to read the files.