Alexander Bokov and his accomplices found guilty of swindling on especially large scale

The court has recognized the evidence collected by the Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee as sufficient to convict the former Director of the Office for the Coordination of the fight against organized crime and other dangerous crimes on the territory of the CIS Interiorin CIS countries Alexander Bokov and his two accomplices – Director of the International Fund for the Cossacks Development Mikhail Kreymer and CEO of OOO Stroybeton (LC) Sergey Stepanov. They are found guilty of crime under part 4 of article 159 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (swindling committed by an organized group on especially large scale and on a preliminary conspiracy).

The court and the investigation have established that in 2005, Lieutenant General Bokov together with his friends Kreymenr and Stepanov misled a businessman, saying that they could assist in the acquisition of a controlling stake in one of the largest transport companies. For this “service” they demanded 46 million US dollars from the businessman. In 2006, the businessman gave Bokov’s trustees 9.5 million US dollars, however no action followed. The businessman appealed to the police and the men were detained. Under the investigators’ request the court put them in custody.

Within only 5 months the investigators collected the unchallengeable evidence proving the swindlers’ guilt. For that 7 difficult expert examinations were made, including phonoskipic, psychological-linguistic, psychological and handwriting, lie detector examination, 20 searches and seizures, the results of the search and investigation operations by FSB officers were studied. All this allowed proving the guilt of particular accused persons after a long time from the crimes.

04 June 2012 12:50

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