Alexander Bastrykin held operational meeting in Nalchik

Today the Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee has taken a working visit in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Mr Bastrykin took part in memorial of the investigator of the 2nd department for especially important investigations of the republican investigations department Lieutenant of Justice Alim Vorokov killed in Nalchik.

During the working trip Mr Bastrykin held an operational meeting in the republican Investigations Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee. The participants commemorated Alim Vorokov by a silence minute. The meeting heard the first results of the investigation into the criminal case opened over the murder of the investigator. The SK Chairman asked to make every effort to solve this case in minimum time. The Investigative Committee will render necessary help to the investigator’s family.

The operational meeting was attended by: Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee Boris Karnaukhov, Deputy Head of the Main Investigations Directorate for the north Caucasus federal district, Head of the republican Investigations Department of the Russian Investigative Committee, First Deputy of republican department of FSB, Minister of the Interior in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Mr Bastrykin focused attention on the necessity of preventive measures together with officers of Interrior Ministry and FSB to ensure security of investigators.

During the second part of the meeting Mr Bastrykin heard the reports on the results of other renowned cases over the crimes committed in the territory of the republic. The Chairman gave explicit instructions to leaders of investigative groups and Interior Ministry and FSB divisions, dealing with those cases.

04 June 2012 19:30

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