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Investigative Committee orders pre-investigative check into holiday-makers’ right abuse in Tatarstan

In connection with the messages in media about abuse of rights of holiday-makers in Tatartstan, on the instructions of the Investigative Committee the Investigative Department for Tatarstan Republic has arranged a pre-investigative check into the fact.

According to preliminary data in summer 2010 in gardening society Veteran-16 in Laishevsk region of Tatarstan was a fire burning down almost all buildings. After that the associated decided to expel several members because they refused to pay 150 thousand rubles for cleaning the waste. The members disagreed with the decision and appealed to the court which recognized the actions of the association as unlawful. However, by that time there were new owners of the land and it was fenced.

At present all circumstances of the incident are being established. A procedural decision will be made following the results of the check.

07 June 2012 12:40

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