Course of investigation into mass riots on Bolotnaya Ploshchad

Today, Sergey and Anastasia Udaltsovs, Ilya Yashin and Ksenia Sobchak, Aleksey Navalny, Maria Baronova, Aleksey Sakhnin and Maria Dobrokhotova have been summoned for interrogation in the criminal case of 6 May mass riots on Bolotnaya Ploshchad in Moscow. All these persons are witnesses in this criminal investigation.

Sergey Udaltsov, who had sent a notification that he couldn’t be present on the interrogation procedure because he was going to participate in a rally, did not appear for interrogation. The investigators are not going to take any steps to his forceful summoning and will invite him for interrogation on another day.

As for persons, who have come to the interrogation: Anastasia Udaltsova, Ksenia Sobchak, Aleksey Navalny, Ilya Yashin, Aleksey Sakhnin and Maria Dobrokhotova, all of them are accompanied by the lawyers, who submitted proper documents and were allowed to investigation operations on their clients. During interrogation investigatiors are finding out information of organizers and active participants of mass riots on Bolotnaya Ploshchad in Moscow on 6 May. The computers, databases and other relevant objects seized during searches were examined in the presence of the interrogated and explained by them. Namely, investigators are interested the origin of more than 1 million euros, 480 thousand US dollars and 480 thousand rubles seized from Ksenia Sobchak. Investigation is going to find out whether the taxes on the sum had been paid, for this, a tax check has already been arranged. Investigators are also going to find the purpose of such a big sum of money packed up in more than 100 envelopes.

Proper examinations are arranged to examine all the objects, documents and valuables seized during searches. The investigation operations are not finished, there are more investigation operations planned, including the ones with the participation of the above mentioned people.

The search and investigation operations are continued to detain active participants of the 6 May mass riots on Bolotnaya Ploshchad. As for the people, summoned for interrogation, investigators are not going to put on them any preventive punishment as they are witnesses in the case.