Accused of 1994-1999 series murders of women in Angarsk detained

The Siberian Federal District of the Russia’s Investigative Committee within the framework of work to solve the crimes of past years continues investigation of a criminal case over murders of 23 women committed in 1994-1999.

During investigation it was found that the victims – women of the town of Angarsk – disappeared in similar circumstances in the evening or at night. Some time later their bodies were found in the forests, at the city cemetery, at the sides of the roads near the town. Most killed women were naked with rape traces on their bodies. In some cases victims were robbed of gold jewelries and money. In some cases the tracks of Niva car were found near the bodies. In this connection investigators decided to check every owner of such car, for that they took DNA samples.

For quick solution and efficient investigation of the said especially grave crimes investigators organized and carried out a large complex of search and investigation operations. All criminal cases over other unsolved crimes of the past years in Angarsk similar or alike have been requested and studied. Investigators arranged and carried out 64 molecular-DNA expertise of 3.5 thousand persons and a lot of other examinations – forensic medical, biological, dactylographic, soil, trace and forensic. A lot of evidence were seized and filed. More than a thousand people were questioned and other investigation operations were carried out.

Forensic medical and DNA examinations in 2 different expert laboratories with 2 different studying methods established that DNA traces left on the bodies of three victims are identical and belong to one man. In a minimum time it was found that he lived in Vladivostok. On 23 June the suspect was detained and delivered to Angarsk. The court issued an arrest warrant on the request of the investigators.

At present a complex of search and investigation operations is under way to established all circumstances of the crimes involving the detainee, as well as to find and consolidate the evidence of his guilt including using modern forensic equipment and high qualified specialists.

Investigators are checking the version of other grave and especially grave crimes committed by the detainee beyond Angarsk and the Irkutsk region.