Criminal case against former First Deputy Prosecutor of Kislovodsk accused of bribe-taking sent to court

The North Caucasus Federal District Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has finished investigating a criminal case against former First Deputy Prosecutor of Kislovodsk of Stavropol Territory Vitaly Timofeyev and former Chief Assistant to Prosecutor of Kislovodsk Svetlana Reznikova. Timoveyev is charged with crimes under paragraph “c” of part 5 of article 290 (bribe-taking) and article 138 of the RF Criminal Code (Violation of the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, or postal, telegraphic, or other messages of individuals), Reznikova is charged with complicity in bribe-taking (paragraph “c” of part 3 of article 291.1 of the RF Criminal Code).

According to investigators, Timofeyev having an intention to get a bribe from the owner of a block of flats that was being built at the moment in Kislovodsk, found violations of the law by the owner and demanded through Chief Assistant to Prosecutor of Kislovodsk Reznikova a 1 million rubles bribe for not taking measures. During subsequent negotiations with the owner of the said building the sum of the bribe was lowered to 700 thousand rubles.

Timofeyev was apprehended red-handed during operation by officers of the Stavropol Territory FSB Directorate while he was receiving 600 thousand rubles in the building of Kislovodsk Prosecutor’s Office.

Investigators have collected sufficient evidence therefore the case with the approved indictment is sent to the court to be tried on the merits.

10 July 2012 13:10

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