SK Chairman sent a group of Central Office officials in Gus-Khrustalny to check the results after his visit a year and a half ago

In 2010, at personal appointment in Gus-Khrustalny the Chairman of Investigative Committee received a lot of complaints about unlawful actions by local criminal groups and local law enforcement officials. On instructions of Alexander Bastrykin a complex of measured was worked out to decriminalize situation in town and district.

Within the framework of decriminalization of the town the Vladimir Region investigators of Russia’s Investigative Committee cooperating with field divisions took measures to solve and investigate crimes committed in Gus-Khrustalny in the period between 1998 and 2011. Investigators were investigating 27 criminal cases against criminal groups acting in Gus-Khrustalny and against a number of officials.

During their investigation 24 people were cited for criminal violations. They are charged with murders, grave injuries, extortions, assaults, abduction of businessmen and unlawful deprivation of liberty, illegal drugs handling, exceeding official powers, bribery and other crimes. There are not only leaders and ordinary members of local gangs among those under investigations, but 5 officials of Internal Affairs Ministry. 7 criminal cases have already been solved and set to court to be tried on the merits.

On instructions of the SK Chairman, in the near future a group of experienced officials of the Central Office of Investigative Committee will set off for Gus-Khrustalny who will analyze the results of work by Vladimir Region Investigation Directorate on implementation of measures to decriminalize the town.