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Moscow ex-policeman charged with complicity in Politkovskaya murder

Investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee continue investigating a criminal case over murder of Novaya Gazeta journalist Anna Politkovskaya. At present investigators have clearly established the role of former official of Moscow Main Department for Internal Affairs Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov and have brought final charges against him of crimes under paragraphs “b, g, h” of part 2 of article 105, part 2 of article 222 of RF Criminal Code (murder of a person in connection with the official activity committed by a group of persons and by hire, illegal handling of firearms).

According to investigators, in 2006, Lom-Ali Gaytukayev, having received an order to kill Politkovskaya from an unknown person, who didn’t like her exposing publications on human rights abuse, stealing of state property and official exceeding their powers, set up a criminal group of 6 people and involved Pavlyuchenkov. According to the tasks, Pavlyuchenkov in the period between July-September 2006 found the victim’s actual place of residence, routes she took and reported that information to other members of the organized criminal group, in addition, he obtained firearms and ammunition which later became a murder weapon. Gathering information on Politkovskaya Pavlyuchenkov made his subordinates who had professional skills in secret tracking to track Politkovskaya and didn’t tell them about his criminal intentions. Members of criminal group in 2006 during several days went to Politkovskaya’s house, where they planned the role of each one of them, practiced their actions, planned the day and time of murder and escape routes after the crime. On 7 October 2006, a perpetrator with a pistol he had got from Pavlyuchenkov entered the second section of number 8/12 on Lesnaya street in Moscow. When about 4 p.m. Politkovskaya entered the elevator the perpetrator shot her 5 times, killing her on the sport.

The contribution of members of the group in the crime was diverse considering the amount of actions they committed, but put it all together, they eventually reached their common criminal aim. The criminal group was stable and solid – the result of long-term relations between and a large number of members, clear appointment of tasks, common criminal intention, careful disguise, planning and preparations for the crime.

At present each member of the group is charged with Politkovskaya murder according to the role of each of them in the crime. Investigators are going to separate the case against Pavlyuchenkov and then send it to the court to be heard on the merits under special conditions, in connection with pre-trial cooperation deal with the accused.

16 July 2012 12:56

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