In Nenets Autonomous District former chief doctor convicted for abusing powers buying CAT scanner

Court has recognized evidence collected by Arkhangelsk Region and Nenets Autonomous District investigating bodies as sufficient to convict former chief doctor of Nenets District Hospital Natalya Melkonyan and former head of Moscow commercial firm Larisa Dushatkina. Melkoyan was found guilty of a crime under part 3 of article 285 (abuse of official powers entailing grave consequences while purchasing a CAT scanner), Dushatkina – of part 4 of article 33, part 3 of article 285 of RF Criminal Code (incitement to abuse of official powers) and part 4 of article 159 of RF Criminal Code (swindling on especially large scale).

Investigation and court found that within the framework of regional target program the budget allocated 55 million rubles to purchase a 16-slice CAT scanner for the district hospital. While developing the tender documentation the chief doctor knowingly put there conditions favorable for only one commercial organization controlled by Dushatkina. As a result of unlawful deeds the hospital received only a 6-slice CAT scanner which is much worse in its technical characteristics than the CAT scanner that supposed to have been purchased. The actual cost of the delivered medical equipment was about 16 million rubles.

Dushatkina by frauds transferred the budget funds received by for the scanner to accounts of firms under her control in off-shore territories. As a result of criminal actions of the persons mentioned above, the budget of the Nenets Autonomous District suffered a damage of more than 38.8 million rubles. During investigation Dushatkina tried to conceal the traces of the crime and stolen money, therefore she was taken into custody.

The court sentenced Dushatkina to 6 years in prison with a fine of 300 thousand rubles, and deprivation of the right to take any management positions in commercial and other organizations during 2 years. Melkonyan was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison with deprivation of the right to take any positions in state services or bodies of local authorities. Both of the convicts will do their time in minimum security correctional facilities. In addition, the court satisfied a civil plea and exacted from the convicted 38.8 million rubles of damage.