Progress of inquest into attacks on religious leaders of Tatarstan Republic

Today the court in Kazan has considered motions filed by investigator Tatarstan Republic Investigative Committee on selection of a pre-trial restraining measure of detainment in custody of 4 suspects in murder of Valiulla Yakupov and attempted murder of Ildus Faizov committed on 19 July in Kazan.

At present, 39-year-old leader of parish Vakf, a 41-year-old resident of Vysokogorsky district of the Republic, 26-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan and a 36-year old resident of Kazan, apprehended the day bfore are arrested for 2 months, that is until 20 September. A 31-year-old resident of Laishevsky district of the Republic has been released as the suspicions of his involvement in the crimes were not confirmed.

Investigation is to be continued.