Progress of investigation against officials of Krymsk district in Krasnodar Territory

Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has met with Krymsk local people affected by the floods. In addition Alexander Bastrykin held a meeting where he heard the results of criminal cases over mass deaths resulted by floods in Krasnodar Territory. He also personally visited places destroyed by the disaster where investigators were examining scenes and held working meetings with representatives of law enforcement and authority.

On 20 July 2012 Head of North Caucasus Main Investigations Directorate of Russia’s Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case over mass deaths of residents of Krymsk district on the signs of a crime under part 3 of article 293 of RF Criminal Code (neglect of duty, that is, the non-discharge by a functionary of his duties due to a dishonest and careless attitude to civil service entailing by negligence the death of two or more persons). The suspects of this crime are Head of Krymsk district municipality Vasili Krutko, Head of Krymsk town Vladimir Ulanovsky, Head of the Village of Nizhnebakansky of Krymsk district Irina Ryabchenko and Viktor Zhdanov who was at the moment acting head of Directorate for prevention of emergency situations and civil protection of Krymsk district municipality. All the suspects are members of the Emergency Management and Fire Safety Commission.

According to investigators, as a result of improper performance by the said officials of their official duties, did not pay due attention to timely received on 5 and 6 June 2012 storm warnings on forecast of dangerous hydrometeorological natural phenomenon, posing a real threat for health and lives of citizens in the territory of Krymsk district, did not determine the possible scale of the disaster, neglected the duty of timely and due warning of the population about dangers of natural emergency situation and people’s evacuation in safe areas. Careless actions of the said officials entailed grave consiquences, that is death of 153 people who was staying in the town of Krymsk of Krymsk district, Krasnodar Territory. As a result the rights of citizens on life and health, interests of society and state protected by law, guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation were considerably infringed.

On the motion of the investigator Vasili Krutko, Vladimir Ulanovsky and Viktor Zhdanov were taken into custody. Investigators are planning in the near future to bring charges against the suspects.

At present within the investigation of the criminal case investigators of Investigative Committee have arranged more than 400 forensic medical examinations, 19 video technical, 2 computer technical and a hydrometeorological forensic examinations. They have examined 4,415 damaged households (flats), questioned more than 1,300 victims and witnesses. 25 seizures of relevant documents have been carried out.

Investigation is to be continued. Investigators are going to establish all circumstances and reasons of the incident, and give a legal assessment of actions (inactions) by officials guilty of grave consequences of floods.