In Rostov-on-Don investigation of criminal case against Deputy Minister of Public Health of Rostov Region and Head of procurement accused of abuse of office completed

Rostov Region investigating bodies of Russia’s Investigative Committee have completed investigating a criminal case against Deputy Minister of Public Health of Rostov Region Vasily Kravhcenko and Head of central procurement department of the Rostov Region Ministry of Public Health Marina Lipovskaya. Depending on the role of each one, they are charged with crimes under parts 1 and 3 of article 285 of RF Criminal Code (abuse of official powers).

According to investigators, in 2009 within the framework of the national project Zdorovye (Health) the accused, acting out of personal interests, prepared documents for a tender of medical equipment purchasing including 3 CAT scanners overpriced if compared with average market value and created preferential conditions of the tender for OOO Alkom-7 (LC). As a result the state suffered a damage of 119 million 920 thousand rubles.

In addition, in 2008 Lipovskaya in implementation of the Russian Government program on implementation of measures aimed at improving medical aid to the injured in road accidents, wishing to report on implementation of the tasks entrusted to her department, unlawfully shifted her duty of controlling the execution of government contract and accepting two CAT scanners onto staff of municipal healthcare institutions of central city hospitals in towns of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky and Bataysk. As a result, Rostov Region Ministry of Public Health accepted two CAT scanners without three-dimensional image operating consoles localized for Russia which were the required components provided for by the government program which entailed 944 thousand rubles damage to the federal budget.

During investigation the accused were dismissed.

Investigators have collected sufficient evidence therefore the criminal case is sent for the indictment to be approved and to be forwarded to court to be tried on the merits.

25 July 2012 17:00

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