Chairman of Investigative committee orders experienced investigators and criminologists of North Caucasus FD to join in inquiry into Anna Prokopenko’s murder

On the orders of Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee experienced investigators and criminologists of North Caucasus Federal District Main Investigations Directorate have joined in the investigation of a criminal case opened over murder of 9-year-old Anna Prokopenko on the signs of a crime under part “c” of part 2 of article 105 of RF Criminal Code.

Experienced specialists have started rendering practical and methodological assistance in the investigation. At present, the investigation group has completed examination of a crime scene, where they seized a number of objects to run complicated forensic examinations.

On the basis of already collected evidence investigators are discussing the possibility to start a criminal case over sexual violence against the child – crimes under articles 131 and 132 of RF Criminal Code (rape, violent sexual actions).

Investigation is to be continued.

25 July 2012 21:50

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