Investigative Committee checks media information on Russian adopted child being beaten in USA

In connection with the information appeared in media that in Bristow (Virginia, USA) a 39-year-old Matthew Sweeney, Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and his wife Amy Sweeney were arrested on charges that they repeatedly abused their 8-year-old son adopted from Russia, Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation have made a decision to check the fact.

Within the framework of pre-investigation check Main Investigations Directorate will establish circumstances of abusing the child, adopted by Americans in 2006. According to preliminary information, the boy ran away from the Sweeneys to the strangers who found bruises on the boy refusing to go back home.

Investigative Committee is deeply concerned about facts of murders and violence to Russian children adopted in America. Russian Investigative Committee is going to take careful inquiry into each of such facts, establishing all circumstances of the crimes in order to find people guilty of child abuse. Moreover, Investigative Committee is not going to change its position relating to the place of the crime: wherever and whoever committed the crime, our task is to protect interests, life and health of a Russian citizen and to make all possible efforts to prosecute the guilty ones in accordance with Russian laws.

26 July 2012 10:10

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