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Suspect of murder and rape of two women in Istrinsky district of Moscow Region held

Investigating bodies of Moscow Region Main Investigations Directorate of Russia’s Investigative Committee continue investigating a criminal case over a crime under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of RF Criminal Code relating to bodies of two 20-year-old women found on 14 July 2012 in the forest near the village of Kuchi of Istrinsky district of Moscow Region with the signs of violent death. The medical forensic expertise has shown death of mechanical asphyxia due to squeezing of neck with a blunt object.

As a result of professionally devised actions and search and investigation operations the suspect of this impertinent murder was detained in a minimum possible time. It is a 24-year old Moldova national Vadim Grigoryan.

At present investigation operations are underway to consolidate evidence. Despite the fact that Grigoryan does not plead guilty, investigators already have results of the medical forensic expertise proving his involvement in rapes and murders.

In the near future investigators are going to petition for Grigoryan to be taken into custody. Investigation is to be continued.

26 July 2012 18:50

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