Suspect of killing 9-year-old Anna Prokopenko held in Stavropol Territory

Investigators of Russia’s Investigative Committee have detained a suspect of a savage murder of 9-year-old Anna Prokopenko in Pyatigorsk. It is Vladimir Ambartsumov, born in 1972, a repeated convict released on 26 July this year.

Experienced investigators and criminologists of the North Caucasus Federal District Main Investigation Directorate of Russian Investigative Committee were sent to help the inquiry. In order to solve this crime, investigators of SKR gave instructions to officials of crime detection department to check all convicts in Stavropol Territory who had been released during recent 2 months. In addition, they have made a lot of work to seize and study video records of all cameras set near the crime scene. Investigators have checked all telephone conversations of the girl’s relatives and friends. Within the framework of the criminal case DNA samples have been taken from almost 200 convicts.

We should stress that Ambartsumov being completely sure that he had not left any traces at the crime scene voluntarily agreed to run a DNA test. The results received just now confirmed the version of investigators that it was Ambartsumov’s traces found on the girl’s clothes. In addition, the investigators have found studying video records of surveillance cameras that a man who was near the girl not long before the murder resembles Ambartsumov. At present an expertise of the records has been set.

Having analyzed and checked all the information received during the inquiry, investigators of SKR gave instructions to officials of crime detection department to detain the suspect. During the search, they seized in Ambartsumov’s flat clothes he might have been wearing at the moment of the crime.

At present investigators are working on the suspect, carrying out necessary investigation operations to collect and consolidate evidence of Ambartsumov’s guilt.