A suspect in the murder of Bogdan Prahov was questioned

Investigators of Russia’s Investigative Committee in the Vladimir region completed the questioning of the detained the day before the 30-year-old Dmitry Semenov, who wrote a confession and testified that he had killed Bogdan Prahov in the Vladimir region.

Investigators obtained personality data on this man. It was found that in 2002 he was convicted by Chita court for the murder. In prison, where Semenov was serving his sentence, he had a low social status. After the release in 2010 he was registered nowhere, did not have any documents, and he lost the certificate of release as well. During these two years Semenov moved around the country in search of one-time earnings. An interesting fact is that during this period he attracted the attention of the police once. Approximately six months before the murder of Bogdan Prahov he was in Vladimir, where he mainly contacted with homeless people. June 19, being near the gardeners’ partnership, where the boy and his family were spending vacation, Semenov under the influence of alcohol saw children playing and went in their direction. Once the children were out of the fence, riding the bicycles, Semenov hit the older boy on the head two times, seized Bogdan, and ran toward the woods. Giving evidence on the causes of murder, Semenov said that the boy was shouting very loudly and could attract the attention of people. So, first, Semenov kept the boy's mouth shut with his hands, and then began beating him. After the crime Semenov, trying to hide from law enforcement authorities, moved along major routes and through the forest areas. In Moscow, he met a group of homeless people, who advised him to stay in a rehabilitation center. Following this advice, Semenov received shelter and food for some time. From Moscow, Semenov traveled to St. Petersburg.

Near Tver he was detained by police, who decided to check him for involvement in the theft committed in the Vladimir region. However, Semenov began to testify about the murder committed.

For now, the whole picture of what happened is based mostly only on the testimony of a suspect. All this is to be tested by investigating. The investigators now search all persons who had contact with the suspect over the past two months, and conduct the necessary operations and examinations, that will confirm or deny any involvement of Semenov in the murder of a child.

05 August 2012 12:14

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