The data obtained in the course of the examination of Deputy Gennady Gudkov‘s non-compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions were sent to the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor General ‘s Office

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues to implement procedural checks on the facts of the illegal participation of the Russian State Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov in business, that is, on the grounds of an offense under Art. 289 of the RF Criminal Code.

During the pre-investigation checks the evidence were obtained that Gennady Gudkov, as a State Duma deputy, and occupying the post of deputy chairman of the committee, that is a public office of the Russian Federation, in September 2008 acquired a stake in LLC "Kolomensky Stroitel" as a gift. After that, the deputy and his wife signed a foundation agreement and invested in the authorized capital funds in the amount of its share (65.72%). Then, at a meeting of members G.Gudkov approved the company's charter in the new edition, and still remaining a member of the governing body, led and leads the company, decides on the appointment of directors, profit distribution, capital formation, and commits other acts in the interest of the legal entity.

Also, according to data obtained from the CEC of Russia and the Russian Federal Tax Service from December 25, 2008 to the present time G. Gudkov is the only member of LLC "Roshan", its highest governing body (members’ assembly) and the recipient of income from business activities. Based on the findings, the investigation suggests that a State Duma deputy G.Gudkov violated the provisions of the RF Constitution and the Federal Law "On the status of a member of the Federation Council and the status of deputy of State Duma of the Russian Federation," according to which the State Duma deputy may not be engaged in business or other commercial activities, and may not be a member of governing body of a business entity or other commercial organization.

As a result of pre-investigation checks procedural decision will be taken. However, today the information of G. Gudkov’s non-compliance of with the restrictions, prohibitions and obligations established by the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation, received during the procedural checks were sent to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to make decisions within their competence.

06 August 2012 10:50

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