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The investigators request to extend the term of detention of the accused in the murder of a federal judge of the Moscow City Court Eduard Chuvashov

Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia continues the criminal investigation of the attempt on the life of the Moscow City Court Judge Edward Chuvashov. Whereas it is necessary to carry out a large amount of investigation operations the investigators request that the court to extend the detention period for Vyacheslav Isaev and Maksim Baklagin. They are accused of committing crimes under paragraphs “g”, “j” of Part 2 of Article 105 of the RF Criminal Code (murder committed by an organized group, motivated by ideological hatred and enmity), Article 295 of the RF Criminal Code (attempt on the life of a judge in connection with legal proceedings, committed out of revenge for the legitimate activities of a judge), part 3 of Article 222 of the RF Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation and carrying of firearms and ammunition, committed in an organized group).

Earlier, Aleksey Korshunov, born in 1983, has been prosecuted under this case as the accused; he died of a grenade explosion on October 4, 2011 in Zaporozhe in Ukraine.

According to investigators, on April 12, 2010 Isaev, Baglagin and Korshunov murdered a judge of the Moscow City Court Chuvashov out of revenge for his legal activities on the administration of justice in criminal cases and sentencing of persons professing radical nationalist views and accused of murdering. In preparation for the crime Isaev, Baklagin and others in order to explore the place of residence, the car brand and routes of movement of the judge Chuvashov kept him under secret surveillance, during which they found the place of residence of a judge and a car in which he moved. They also found the usual time of his departure from home and returning home, the combination of the lock in the entrance door, studied the schedule of hearings of criminal cases by the judge at the Moscow City Court. After the crime scheme was developed by the accused, Korshunov using revolver of 7.62 mm caliber fired two shots into Chuvashov’s head, causing two gunshot wounds of the head.

At present, the complex of investigative actions aimed at consolidating the evidence base is being carried out. The criminal investigation continues.

14 August 2012 09:20

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