The first criminal case against former employees of the “Dalniy”police department was taken to court in Tatarstan

Investigative authorities of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan have completed the investigation of the criminal case against the former district police officers of the “Dalniy” police department - 25-year-old Ilshat Garifullin and 37-year-old Ramil Nigmatzyanov accused of committing crimes under Part 1 of Art.286 of the RF Criminal Code (abuse of power), Part 2 of Art.292 of the RF Criminal Code (forgery).

According to investigators, March 9, 2012, in Kazan, Garifullin implementing measures aimed at establishing the perpetrator of the theft of a cell phone from a salesman, having no good grounds, acting together with Nigmatzyanov, brought 52-year old Sergei Nazarov in the “Dalniy” police department to conduct search operations against him. There, Garifullin assisted by Nigmatzyanov forged materials that constituted a ground for executing a process-verbal on the administrative offense under Art. 20.1 of the Administrative Code (disorderly conduct).

The accused persons have admitted the guilt, for which reason the investigator decided on the separating of materials against Garifullin and Nigmatzyanov from the proceedings of a criminal case against 9 former employees of the “Dalniy” police department, who did not admit the guilt of the alleged acts.

A preventive measure in the form of recognizance not to leave and conduct well was chosen for Nigmatzyanov, Garifullin was taken in custody at the request of the investigator.

The investigators gathered sufficient evidence for which reason the case will be taken to the court for consideration on the merits after the indictment is affirmed.