Popular blogger was charged with multiple murders in Yekaterinburg

In the course of a criminal investigation of the murder of the citizen of the Syrian Arab Republic and the United States, George Kara Yakubyan, in the spring of 2012 the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region managed to identify the persons involved in the crime.

Kara Yakubyan flew by plane from Sheremetyevo Airport (Moscow) in Koltsovo Airport (Ekaterinburg) with a business trip on March 6, 2012. However, soon his body with stab wound of the neck, and handcuffs clapped on his hands was found in the inspection pit of the unfinished garage box in Yekaterinburg.

The investigators established that five persons were involved in the commission of robbery and subsequent murder of George Kara Yakubyan, including a well-known blogger Vasily Fedorovich, these persons took the victim from the airport, used violence, stole his property and money, and then committed his murder.

In addition, according to the investigators, the suspects have made at least 9 murders, 3 kidnappings and robberies against 10 persons in Yekaterinburg in the period from 2008 to 2012, acting together with other unidentified persons between the ages of 19 and 40. The investigators are considering self-interest as the main motive to commit the specified crimes, however, they do not exclude the nationalistic reasons.

As a result of numerous searches in the apartments of the suspects the law enforcement officers found evidence, including a large number of weapons and firearms (a few tens of items). It should be noted that Fedorovich was an expert in knives handling techniques.

At the moment, four local residents, including, V. Fedorovich, were charged with crimes under Part 2 of Art.161 of the RF Criminal Code (robbery), Part 2 of Art.126 of the RF Criminal Code (kidnapping), Part 2 of Art.105 of the RF Criminal Code (murder out of greed). Vladimir Fedorovich and another person were taken in custody, a preventive measure in the form of recognizance not to leave was chosen for other two persons, according to the severity and nature of the crimes.

The criminal investigation continues, investigation and search operations aimed at establishing the involvement of the suspects in other crimes are being carried out.

16 August 2012 10:15

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