The investigators do not see elements of offense in the actions of the girl which a citizen of Uzbekistan attempted to rape

The investigators of the murder of a citizen of Uzbekistan in Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow area have concluded that the actions of Tatyana Kudryavtseva, which had been attacked, were driven by the need to protect her life and do not contain signs of exceeding of necessary defense.

July 1 the girl filed a statement to law enforcement agencies that she stabbed once an unknown man who attacked her near the railway station "Radishchevo" trying to drag her into the forest and rape.

In order to establish all the circumstances of the incident, which is only possible in the course of preliminary investigation, a criminal case was launched, in which the actions of Tatyana Kudryavtseva were qualified under Article 108 of the RF Criminal Code (murder committed in exceeding of necessary defense).

The final decision on the results of a criminal investigation will be made on completion of investigation operations and legal proceedings and the assessment of all the collected evidence. However, it is now clear to the investigators that prosecution of Tatyana Kudryavtseva will be dismissed for absence of crime in her actions in the near future.