Process started in Kazan over former policemen of Dalny police station

Today a hearing of a case against former district police officers of Dalny police station Ilshat Garifullin and Ramil Nigmatzyanov charged with exceeding official powers and forgery was started in Kazan. The day before the accused retracted their testimonies stating that on 9 March 2012 without sufficient ground they had delivered Sergey Nazarov, 52, to Dalny police station and forged a case on his disorderly conduct. Now their case won’t be heard in special order.

Considering the public reaction on the actions of the Dalny policemen Mr Bastrykin had sent to Kazan a group of experienced investigators led by major investigator under the Chairman of the Investigative Committee. Moscow investigators had done a great job collecting evidence of unlawful actions of the policemen. They had interrogated more than 200 witnesses, conducted confrontations and 87 different examinations which had been the base of the indictment. It had been due to this evidence that officers Ilshat Garifullin and Ramil Nigmatzyanov had pleaded guilty and signed a pre-trial deal enabling them to receive lenient verdict. The fact that they at the last moment retracted their testimonies and broke the deal is their and only their problem. Investigators collected full set of evidence and a prosecutor who had signed the indictment confirmed the correctness of investigators’ conclusions and now the court is to decide whether the evidence collected is enough to pass a sentence. However, now the accused cannot expect lenient attitude provided by criminal procedure law of the Russian Federation if the case is considered in a special order and when an accused receives the punishment of no more than two thirds of a maximum term or amount of the strictest penalty.

Head of Media Relations Department

V.I. Markin

11 September 2012 14:44

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