In Moscow prosecution of Tatyana Kudryavtseva of Solnechnogorsky district terminated

Moscow Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have terminated criminal prosecution of Solnechnogorsky district resident Tatyana Kudryavtseva who was earlier charged with a crime under article 108 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (homicide committed in excess of the requirements of justifiable defense).

As it was reported earlier, on 1 July 2012 Kudryavtseva filed an appeal in law enforcement that she had stabbed an unknown man who had attacked her hear a railway station Radishchevo trying to drag her into the forest and rape her.

A set of investigation operations has been carried out to check Kudryavtseva’s version: forensic examination and interrogations of the witnesses. After all the evidence was evaluated the investigators have concluded that actions of Kudryavtseva who killed the Uzbekistan citizen were committed in the state of justified defense in protection of her life, health and sexual inviolability against a sudden criminal encroachment. All these circumstances rule out criminality of Kudryavtseva’s actions. Accordingly, the criminal case and criminal prosecution against Kudryavtseva have been terminated.