Criminal case against five members of a criminal community charged with a number of serious crimes in the North Caucasus sent to court

North Caucasus Federal District Central Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has completed investigating a criminal case against Issa Khashagulgov, Khizar Daurbekov, Mikail Khashagulgov, Magomed Daurbekov and Yusup Dzangiyev. Depending on the role of each one they are charged with crimes under articles 209, 210, 317, 205, 222, 223, 167 of the RF Criminal Code (banditry, participation in a criminal community, encroachment on life of a law enforcement officer, terrorist attack, illegal handling and manufacture of firearms).

According to investigators, the accused in 2007-2010 joint criminal community Vilayat- Galgayche, members of which were involved in a terrorist attack at the central market in Vladikavkaz in September 2010. Investigators believe that Issa Khashagulgov was a leader of one of the divisions of this criminal organization.

Together with other members of the community, the accused took part in a number of attacks on law enforcement officers in Ingushetia and North Ossetia. In addition they are charged with illegal handling of firearms and ammunition and destruction of other’s property.

Investigators have collected enough evidence and the case with an approved indictment was sent to court to be tried on the merits.