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Investigative Committee believes that Rasul Mirzayev committed deliberate crime

Investigators from the very beginning of the inquiry have classified Rasul Mirzayev’s crime as intentional infliction of a grave injury entailing by negligence the victim’s death.

The case was forwarded to court to be tried on the merits with the final indictment on part 4 of article 111 of the RF Criminal Code approved by the prosecutor. And investigators still believe this classification of Mirzayev’s crime to be judicially grounded. Despite the fact that investigators under the law have no right to appeal against the public prosecutor’s position, who reclassified Mirzayev’s crime during the trial, as well as against the sentence, the Russia’s Investigative Committee sticks to its mind on legal treatment of Mirzayev’s crime.

27 November 2012 23:25

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