One more suspect is arrested in case over swindling with Ministry of Defense

The Central Military Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee during investigation of a criminal case against officials of the RF Ministry of Defense and top managers of ZAO Bezopasnost I Svyaz (CJSC) and OAO Slavyanka (OJSC), detained Andrey Lugansly on suspicions of stealing other’s property committed by an organized group. He was arrested unde the investigators’ petition.

According to investigators, in December 2010, a state contract on maintenance of buildings of military ministry was concluded between the RF Ministry of Defense and ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz, under which the commercial organization during 2011 and 2012 undertook to provide comprehensive maintenance of engineering systems, cleaning of the inside of the buildings and premises. Under the contract facilities to be maintained included a building at the address: 14, Kolymazhsky Pereulok, Moscow.

Under another state contract in the period between February 2011 and July 2012 the same building was subject to a capital repair with dismantling of all engineering systems. Though no works to maintain this building were conducted the officials of the Ministry of Defense, OAO Slavyanka and ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz signed fictitious statements of completion and fee invoices, on the basis of which 52.6 million rubles was unreasonably transferred to businessmen.

Lugansky, who has been CEO of ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz since April 2011 and at the same time being in friendly relations with the owner of ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz Alexander Yelkin, using different commercial organizations and phony companies organized stealing budget funds assigned for technical maintenance of the Defense Ministry’s facilities.

According to the information investigators have, Lugansky together with Yelkin through connections in ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz undertook actions to conceal and destruction of the materials proving their illicit activity and took part in activities to press the witnesses to prevent the investigation.

Investigation is to be continued.