Criminal investigation into crash of Tu-134A in Petrozavodsk in June 2011 finished

Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has finished investigating a criminal case over Tu-134A plane crash, happened near Petrozavodsk in June 2011 and resulted in death of 47 people. The employees of the airport Petrozavodsk – Vladimir Shkarupa and Vladimir Pronin are charged with a crime under part 3 of article 263 of the RF Criminal Code (violation of the rules for traffic safety and operation of air transport system involving by negligence death of two or more people). In addition, the head of radio technical flights support and aviation telecommunications department of the Federal Air Transport Agency Eduard Voitovsky is charged with a crime under part 3 of article 293 of the RF Criminal Code (negligence, involving death of two or more people).

Investigators have found violations in the work of Petrozavodsk airport officials Vladimir Shkarupa and Vladimir Pronin. They organized meteorological support of the flight with violations the rules for flight safety and operation of the aircraft. Eduard Voytovsky performed official functions on mandatory certification of the airport with violations of requirements of regulations which resulted in violations in the work of meteorological support service. As a result of illegal actions and inaction of Voytovsky the meteorological support of the flights of civil aviation at the Petrozavodsk airfield was performed using devices banned for use, without full set of tools for monitoring visibility during take-off and landing.

We remind, on 20 June 2011, RusAir Tu-134A was flying Moscow – Petrozavodsk. While landing not far from the Petrozavodsk airport in adverse weather conditions the plane crashed and caught fire. 47 people were killed. Criminal case against crewmembers on charges of part 3 of article 263 of the RF Criminal Code was ended due to their death.

The criminal case against Shkarupa, Pronin and Voytovsky with the indictment has been forwarded to the Prosecutor-General’s Office.