Investigative Committee Chairman holds operational meeting in Saint-Petersburg

On 20 March 2013, Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee held an operational meeting in Saint Petersburg with heads of Saint-Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate, Leningrad Region Investigations Directorate, Northwestern Transport Investigations Directorate and Northwestern Federal District Investigations Directorate.

Heads of the Investigations Directorates reported to Alexander Bastrykin on results of work in current year focusing on effectiveness and organization of preliminary investigation. The meeting also discussed progress and results of investigation of especially important and high-profile cases including the one over missing underage Pavel Kostyunin; over the murder of chief architect of Vsevolzhsky district, Leningrad Region Eduard Akopyan and others.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Bastykin gave a number of explicit orders to heads of investigations directorates in the most urgent areas of their activity. The Chairman paid special attention to receiving appeals from citizens.