Thanks to Investigative Committee new owners of the property illegally sold by former military officials start returning it to Defense Ministry

Main Military Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee together with prosecution of persons involved in illegal selling of assets and property belonging to affiliated companies and those controlled by OAO Oboronservis (OJSC), is making efforts to make new owners voluntarily and free of charge return the assets to the state.

The investigators have found that the complex of building in the center of Moscow housing 31st State Design Institute of Special Construction was sold by almost 300 million rubles cheaper than its market price. The Institute designed facilities providing defense of the country. In addition to illegal selling of the buildings, the investigators have also found that the shares of the Institute were stolen. Main Military Investigations Directorate has already charged former head of property Relations Department of the Russian Defense Ministry Yevgenia Vasilyeva with stealing the shares of OAO 31st State Design Institute of Special Construction (OJSC) worth more than 190 million rubles.

It has been found that the shares of strategically important for the defense of county 31st State Design Institute of Special Construction were bought at a lower price by two commercial organizations: VitaProject, at that time controlled by Vasilyeva, bought 70% of shares and 30% - by OAO Sosnovoborelektromontazh, owned by construction holding TITAN-2, co-owners of which at that time were daughter and wife of former Defense Minister Grigory Naginsky, who is now Head of Federal Agency of Special Construction.

The current owner of VitaProject voluntarily and free of charge has returned all 70% of shares of 31st State Design Institute of Special Construction to the Russian Federation represented by the Defense Ministry. The owner of the remaining shares has also expressed his wish to return them to the state.

We remind, that earlier investigators had managed to intervene in alienation and return the state oil transshipment complex at the cape of Mokhnatkina Pakhta in Murmansk Region, which was also sold at understated price (by 242 million rubles) to Kommandit Servis.

The Investigative Committee calls commercial organizations who bought the property which had been earlier purchased from the Defense Ministry at cheaper price, including property and lands in the village of Peresyp, Temryuksky district, Krasnodar Territory and the village of Utrish in the resort town Anapa, a hotel, a complex of administrative buildings on Vorobyovy Mountains and in Predtechensky Pereulok in Moscow and some others, to return them voluntarily to the Russian Federation.