Group of people with four students of Interior Ministry University held on suspicions of kidnapping businessman

A58-year-old man from Odintsovsky district came to law enforcement bodies on 2 March 2013 saying that on 1 March 2013, at 10:30 PM he had lost contact with his son. The man explained that in the evening his son, the owner of a car dealership in Moscow, returning from the work, called his brother and said that unknown people in a car had collided with his car and offered to decide the problem of paying the damage. During the talk the brother heard shouts and then the telephone contact broke. Relatives set off for the address the brother told them, where they saw the abandoned car and blood stains and went to the law enforcement bodies.

Moscow Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee launched a criminal case over part 2 of article 126 of the RF Criminal Code (kidnapping) On 4 March 2013, an unknown man called to the family and demanded $5 million for releasing their son.

As a result of competent investigating operations the victim’s whereabouts was found, and on 27 March 2013, he was released in the village of Udelnoye, Ramensky district. His kidnappers were held, they were: a 26-year-old from Moldova and a 30-year-old from Azerbaijan. During further investigating operations the following persons were detained: a 20-year old from Ingushetia, a 40-year-old from Azerbaijan and four students of Moscow University of the Interior Ministry (aged from 18 to 21).

During the searches the investigators found and seized the victim’s belongings, two traumatic pistols and a signal one, mobile phones and SIM-cards, used by the detainees during the crime, the car on which they had arranged the accident to kidnap the businessman. One of the students had on him an ID of an officer of non-existent department of Central Federal District Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, the mastermind of the kidnapping is Ilya Batin, 25, from Galitsino, the repeated world champion in sport martial arts. He involved in the crime his acquaintances from the Interior Ministry University, whom he taught hand-to-and combat promising 50 thousand rubles each. Their task was to follow the businessman from his place of work to home. Other accomplices driving the VAZ-2112 on purpose collided with the victim’s Range Rover. When the businessman got out of his car he saw the car with the students wearing uniforms. They shoved him in the car and delivered to a private home in Ramensky district. The victim was handcuffed for almost 24 hours and then tied up. The students stayed at the accident scene to observe the situation with their car around. The victim’s relatives who arrived at the scene remembered the car number and told it to the law enforcement.

At present 8 suspects are detained. In the near future investigators are going to petition on their arrest as a pretrial restraining measure. Criminal investigation is ongoing.

Investigators believe that the organizer of the crime escaped after hearing in media that his accomplices had been detained. At present investigating operations are underway to find his whereabouts. Investigators are offering Batin to voluntarily come to testify on the crime.