Criminal case over ZAO TH Rus-gaz evading paying more than 181million rubles investigated in Moscow

Moscow Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case against CEO of ZAO Trading House Rus-gaz (CJSC) Olga Tarasova. She is suspected of a crime under paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 199 of the RF Criminal Code (evading taxes on an especially large scale).

According to investigators, in the period between 2005 and 2007, Olga Tarasova, CEO of ZAO TH Rus-gaz, selling excessive long shelf-life production of affiliated companies of OAO Gazprom (OJSC), developed a scheme of illegal transfer of money to a settlement account of sham organization OOO Promtekhservis (LLC). Basically it was Rus-gaz that purchased the goods and supplied them and Tarasova’s staff on her orders made the initial financial and economic documents on behalf of Promtekhservis. As a result of this scheme false information on sums of VAT payable by Rus-gaz under forged invoices drawn by Promtekhservis was put in VAT declarations. In addition, knowingly false information on the expense under the above-mentioned forged agreements and sum of income tax were put in the income tax declarations of Rus-gaz. This way, Tarasova evaded paying over 181 million rubles of taxes.

During the investigation flats of Tarasova, her first deputy and chief accountant were searched. During the searches initial documents confirming that OOO Gazprom transgaz Stavropol (LLC) (earlier OOO Kavkaztransgaz), which is an affiliated company of OOO Gazprom had been involved in stealing of material assets. Investigators believe that Gazprom transgaz Stavropol and Rus-gaz had economic relationships under which Rus-gaz received unclaimed in production assets of Kavkaztransgaz worth more than 1 billion rubles. But the real market cost of these assets was no more than 200 million rubles. Tarasova and Gazprom transgaz Stavropol used the fictitious company Promtekhservis to make Rus-gas evade paying taxes and make the transactions on selling goods and materials of Gazprom transgaz Stavropol legal.

Today Gazprom transgaz Stavropol has been searched on the order of investigator. It should be noted that it is just a small fraction of work done by investigators to investigate this case launched on 25 February 2013. The information was not made public before in the interests of the investigation. It should be noted that police officers of Stavropol Territory Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry were involved in searches solely to protect public order and security while officers of the Investigative Committee were carrying out searches. The scheme of stealing was found by investigating methods and the case itself was launched based on materials received from the tax authorities.

At present the investigators are identifying the rest accomplices. A number of forensic expert examinations are going to be assigned in the near future.

Head of Media Relations Directorate                                                                              V.I. Markin