Investigative Committee launches procedural check into violence against Russian children adopted by American Deckerts

Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched a procedural check based on information published in media and received through diplomatic channels on the violence used by American adoptive parents against Russian-born children adopted in 2003 in Perm Territory. Based on the results of the check it will be decided whether to open the criminal case.

The information the Russia’s investigators have shows that Alexey Klimov (Zachariah Deckert) was subject to repeated tortures and cruel treatment by his adoptive mother Penny Deckert. More than a year ago the teenager fled the family and since then nobody knows his whereabouts. His two sisters Anastasia and Svetlana Klimov were taken from the adoptive family and placed into a social facility.

To find all the circumstances during the procedural check the Investigative Committee is going to request from the American party all necessary documents and files. Despite the fact that US competent bodies are not too willing to cooperate with Russia’s investigators in such areas, the Russia’s Investigative Committee is determined to conduct full, independent and impartial investigation into these facts of brutal treatment of Russian children. We do hope that this time our requests for legal assistance won’t go unanswered. Eventually, before turning 18 these children are Russian citizens and we will use all legal remedies to protect their rights.

Head of Media Relations Directorate                                                                                  V.I. Markin