In Moscow Region head of Chekhovsky municipal district put on trial for exceeding office

The Moscow Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have finished investigating a criminal case against Head of Chekhovsky municipal district of Moscow Region. He is charged with the crime under part 2 of article 286 of the RF Criminal Code (exceeding official powers).

According to investigators, in 2010 the accused took up the office of head of Chekhovsky municipal district of Moscow Region. He at once had a criminal intention to misuse the lands of the forestry. The accused knew that the lands were a federal property and are no subject to be given away for ownership to citizens or organizations and that it was not permitted to build there any buildings. Nonetheless, he decided to make those lands with a total area of 35,898 square meters and worth over 27 million rubles, located within Chekhovksy forestry of Podolsk forestry a piece of land. To do that the category of the lands was illegally changed from the lands of forestry to the lands of settlements. Municipal property rights for the land were registered and it was given on lease to a commercial organization, which got the permission to build there the recreation center Sloboda. This way, the land was misused for recreation, hunting and fishing.

The investigators have gathered enough evidence and therefore the case with the approved indictment has been forwarded to court to be tried on the merits.