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Chairman of Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin congratulates women on 8 March

Dear ladies!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the International Women’s Day 8 March!

Our country marks this first spring holiday with especial warmth. Women have always been symbols of tenderness and motherly love, everything brightest and kindest.

Women care about home and raise children, make our families comfortable and safe, and it is no coincidence that the words sacred for us “Russia”, “Motherland”, “Homeland” are feminine nouns.

The history of our country knows many examples, when women not only inspired men to feats of arms, but fought the enemies on battlefields themselves.

Thanks to their persistence and commitment today women take leading positions in the areas of economy, science, education, healthcare, culture, sports and community activities.

Over 4.5 thousand women serve in the Russia’s Investigative Committee, protecting law, rights and freedoms of citizens. Today they fight crime along with men and still stay models of charm, femininity and natural wisdom.

I express sincere gratitude to women – employees and veterans of the Russia’s Investigative Committee for their proper contribution in solution of multi-aspect and responsible tasks entrusted to the Committee.

I offer my special words of gratefulness to widows, mothers, sisters and daughters of the employees of the Committee killed in the line of duty and wives of the employees, who are real “sisters in arms” for their husbands and the ones to rely on.

With all my heart I wish you sound health, family happiness, all your wishes and hopes come true, successes in your job and service, cheerfulness and spring mood.

Be happy and beautiful.

Congratulations, dear ladies!

Chairman of the Investigative Committee

of the Russian Federation                                                                                                 A.I. Bastrykin

07 March 2014 10:45

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