Investigators look into wide range of theories of Boris Nemtsov murder

The Russia’s Investigative Committee continues investigating a criminal case over murder of Boris Nemtsov. Although mere hours have passed since the murder took place, an investigating team has managed to do a lot of work.

Witnesses of the murder have been questioned. By the way, I can now say that besides Nemtsov’s companion, who was with him on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, there are other eyewitnesses who are now making statements. The specialists are also checking all cell contacts made in the area immediately before and during the crime. Footage from all CCTV cameras along Nemtsov’s route are being analyzed at the moment. Presumably the attackers shot from a Makarov pistol. 6 9-mm cartridge cases were seized from the scene of murder and it is remarkable that the loading case had had cartridges of different manufacture.

There are no doubts that the crime had been carefully planned as well as the place for the murder. According to investigators, Nemtsov accompanied by a woman was walking to his flat, not far from the crime scene. It is obvious that both organizers and attackers were well aware about the route.

As for the motives – at present there are several theories: the murder was committed to provoke political destabilization in Russia, and Nemtsov could have been a kind of a sacral sacrifice for those who do not hesitate to do anything to reach their political goals. The one of versions that is being carefully checked is the one connected with Islamic extremism . The investigators have information that Nemtsov had been threatened in connection of his position concerning the shooting of the Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris. In addition, there is a theory connected to a crisis in Ukraine. It’s not a secret that both sides have extremely radical figures among their ranks who do not follow anybody’s orders. There are also theories connected with Nemtsov’s commercial activity and personal dislike and other purely domestic versions. All of them will be checked carefully. Best forces of the Investigative Committee and Ministry of the Interior are deployed to investigate the murder. All advanced technologies and cutting-edge equipment will be used.

Today Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin who has assumed personal control of the investigation and Minister of the Interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev have held a meeting of the staff to hear the first results of the investigation and set tasks to the investigating team. Mr. Bastrykin ordered to pass the case to investigators of the Main Investigations Directorate for inquiry.

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