Progress of investigation in Boris Nemtsov murder

The Investigative Committee, operative services of the Ministry of the Interior and Federal Security Service are making every effort to solve the murder of Boris Nemtsov. There are active investigative operations underway in order to check each theory of the crime. Witnesses are being questioned. A CCTV video record has been viewed already. Material evidence have been seized and studied. A set of forensic inquiries have been fixed, including ballistic, traceological, medical and others.

As for Anna Duritskaya, she is not just a key witness of the murder, but she actually saw what happened so I believe it is unnecessary to explain how important her testimony is for the investigation. I would like to especially note  that the investigators thought it necessary to offer Duritskaya to put her in the Witness Protection Program, but she declined. There was no restraint issued against Duritskaya while she was in Moscow, moreover she had all her personal documents, including her passport. So she was free to leave Moscow at any time she wanted, but understanding the importance of her testimony she claimed that she was going to stay in Moscow for as long as she was needed in the investigation. The investigator received no complaints or requests from Duritskaya or her lawyer. Only today, after all necessary investigative activities are over, she left Russia. In addition to a witness protocol she also signed a confidentiality agreement. When leaving Russia, Duritskaya expressed her intention to cooperate with the investigation and to present herself for investigative operations if needed.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                             V.I. Markin